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The Empowered Life and Your Connection to the Soul-Self + Part 2

TheEmpoweredLifePart1and2Cover TheEmpoweredLifePart1and2Cover

Ready to change your life? Don't allow others to shape your beliefs about yourself. Read The Empowered Life.

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Seven Years Of Surrender

SevenYearsCover2000 SevenYearsCover2000

This is not a story about how I became psychic. I was born psychic. The truth is, there is no learned technique to what I do. Being psychic is simply a part of me, as natural as breathing. No, this book is not about learning a thing. Rather, this is a book about awakening, new awareness, and new understanding. It's a tragedy that unfolded into an epiphany that I've since lived by with more conviction than I ever had previously. A conviction that I stand by to this day, and will until the day I go into the beyond.

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One-On-One Guided Chakra And Aura Balancing

There are times in life when we feel like our energy is out of balance, or we are being bombarded by the negativity of the world. We may feel beaten down and may even get to the point where we

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5 Star Reviews for The God Point

5 Star Reviews for The God Point

After reading this book once, I had to reread …, October 1, 2014 By Sheila graham After reading this book once, I had to reread it again to make sure I read it right the first time. I was still

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Dare To Be More

Dare to be more!

“Dare to be more!”

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