5 Star Reviews for The God Point

5 Star Reviews for The God Point5star After reading this book once, I had to reread …, October 1, 2014
By Sheila graham

After reading this book once, I had to reread it again to make sure I read it right the first time. I was still bewildered. Her insight and experiences with the spiritual realm will keep you awe stricken. If I had the power, this would be a mandatory read for all!!!

5star  great in-depth book, June 16, 2014

By redpinkpedicure-softcutefeet (jax,florida)

aside from being personally acquainted w/ the author, this book explores & answers the deepest
questions on the spiritual aspect of our humanity. One has to experience the true meaning
of sitting w/ a medium like Cassandra and believing every word she says. Been there,done that.
She is real in every aspect of truth thus its worth every minute of it.

5star  Hello God Point – OMG, February 19, 2014

By Michael Lafrinere

This was a wonderful book about “how it all works”. I mean really, Cassandra starts with the physical self and takes you all the way, step by step, to the “God Point”. I gave this book 5 stars because you get the big picture when you read it. You will better understand who you are, how to relate to your “self” and what is beyond (or after that). Cassandra writes very well and this book is an easy read. Yes, it’s a deep subject, but her explanations are clear and with examples in real life. You will even learn things about Christ that make his words even more powerful. I really enjoyed the book and I could hardly put it down until I was finished. I highly recommend “The God Point” to anyone that is looking for some real answers to their life and what is beyond.

★★★★ deep but just what I needed, September 20, 2013

By S. McAvoy

I truly loved this book. I felt like it came to me when it was supposed to as I have read and been through series of books from All of Eckert Tolle’s books to all 3 Conversations With God, and many single reads of spiritual views. Many of those books were very helpful but as I dug deeper I had more questions. This book answered many of them for me and I had no problems following it. However I am very open minded and nonjudgmental. I’d recommend it but I “get”it :). Good Write Cassandra, and thank you !

★★★★ Good read, May 21, 2013
By Julia (usa)

I enjoyed reading this book. It was very interesting and made me think about a lot of things. Not sure I agree with everything, but that’s not why I read. I read to open my perspective on things and it certainly did that.

5star  Great Book!, September 28, 2012

By sewbythesea

I am enjoying reading this book, very interesting! I will add more when I finish reading it! This writer is a local and I wanted to read her book before I went to see what she is all about. I look forward to meeting her in person.