About Psychic Medium Cassandra Blizzard

Psychic Readings

Cassandra Blizzard is a psychic medium, empowerment coach, author, and lecturer. She is highly regarded around the world for her remarkable ability to give clear and accurate readings of the future and communicate with souls of the deceased. Her honest, compassionate and witty personality has captivated audiences wherever she goes. Her thought provoking non-fiction books transcend race, religion and borders with their world changing views.

Cassandra began doing psychic readings at the age of sixteen. Over the years, she has helped thousands of people with her awe-inspiring gift to see the future and communicate with souls on the Other Side. Her clients come from nearly every continent in the world and nearly every walk of life. From attorneys, celebrities, law enforcement, politicians, professors, authors, to housewives and dads.

“One of my great passions is Empowerment Coaching, and my book duo The Empowered Life and Your Connection To The Soul-Self is just scratching the surface of what I do every day for my empowerment coaching clients. We have all felt the sting of rejection, the bite of failing at something we thought we were destined for, and the bitterness of uncertainty about our future. When I am coaching, I use my psychic gift as well as my unique coaching method to help clients rise above circumstances, remove obstacles from their life, and take control of their future. But I also help people to believe in themselves again, and to learn self-reliance, renew their trust in their own soul, and restore their feelings of self-worth.”

Cassandra has a solid reputation for continuing to operate with truth and integrity. She wants only the best for her clients. Cassandra works directly with the soul and psychic energy. She does not use cards or other props. Instead, she relies solely on her own soul, the soul of her client, and the deep connection we all have to the purest form of energy to bring through messages of hope for those who are in need of valuable insight.

Cassandra has office locations in Daytona Beach, Florida and near Asheville, North Carolina. She prefers telephone sessions and has conducted thousands of telephone sessions for people all over the world. Telephone readings are just as accurate as in-office readings, whether you want a spirit contact, a psychic reading, or empowerment coaching. Cassandra is quite popular and is usually booked in advance. If you would like to make contact with a loved one who has passed on, or you want a personal future psychic reading, or you need help gaining new direction in life, please call our office to schedule an appointment.

Cassandra has a down-to-earth but very compassionate approach to her work, which has earned her a very loyal following.  She is an accomplished author of over 40 books, which include her eye-opening spiritual series.  Seven Years of Surrender, A World Without Color, The God Point, The Empowered Life and Your Connection To The Soul-Self, and The Empowered Life: The Workbook.

But she has never just settled for being good at one thing.  Cassandra has owned several businesses, has a passion for the natural health industry, and she is also an award winning author of fiction and has been writing since she was 15 years old.  Her ability to enthrall readers with her flowing, descriptive writing style has made her a popular fiction author.  Her most current work is her Kael Jai series written under her pseudonym E. J. Deen.

Cassandra travels between Daytona Beach, Florida and Asheville, North Carolina with her husband Don and their dog Jelly.  She loves hiking in the mountains and reconnecting with nature as often as she possibly can.  “There is something very rejuvenating about the mountains that helps me to be a better reader and life coach for my clients.”

“My greatest desire is to empower my clients to live a happy, well balanced, successful life, and to show my clients that the soul lives on. I never take my gift for granted, and I have, and always will, operate with integrity and truth. I appreciate every single day that I am able to bring a soul through for someone grieving so that they can heal and move forward in their life. I am truly blessed. Deepest thanks to all of my loyal clients.”