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Empower Yourself! Success coach Cassandra Blizzard offers an intensive look at how we inadvertently give away our personal power and how we can regroup and bring ourselves back into balance. This book is the culmination of years of working with people and teaching clients how to trust in their Soul, live a more balanced life, and find fulfillment and happiness in the world. Build a bridge of trust with your own Soul, become self-actualized, and take charge of your life like never before. Learn how to get rid of old baggage and break up old belief systems that hold you back, and be bold about moving forward in positive ways. You can have the good life, a balanced life, and an emotionally healthy life. Cassandra shows readers how to appreciate, respect, and value Self, how to lay down positive boundary lines in relationships, and how to transform your life overall. Break through wrong-thinking, overcome obstacles, restore hope, and create personal success. Using this book, together with The Empowered Life: The Workbook, you can transform yourself and your life, reconnect with your Soul, and develop inner peace.

Have you ever felt like there is something more, something better than the life you have? Do you want better relationships, less fear and anxiety about the future? Do you feel downtrodden, held back, undervalued? Do your goals feel out of reach?

Shake off the things that are holding you down. Re-connect with your Soul-Self and start transforming your life now. Breakthrough negativity and empower yourself to have the life you always wanted. You deserve it.

The Empowered Life Gives You the Tools to Make Positive Changes in Your Life, and Deal with Difficulties and Challenges When They Arise.
*    Take Charge of Your Life
*    Appreciate, Value and Respect YourSelf
*    Use Your Intuition to Make Better Choices
*    Restore Hope
*    Create Personal Success
*    Re-connect With Your Soul
*    Break Through Wrong Thinking and Overcome Obstacles

* To Be Used With The Empowered Life: The Workbook *