Psychic Medium Session

Reconnect With Deceased Family Members

Have you ever wondered if there is life beyond this existence?

Would you like confirmation that a departed loved one is still with you?

Would you feel better knowing your loved ones are at peace?

Having a Mediumship Session can help you gain a wonderful sense of peace in your life.

Connect with your departed loved ones through Mediumship. A Medium is a conduit or bridge between this world and the hereafter. Cassandra’s ability to bridge the vibrational distance between the physical and spiritual planes allows her to communicate with those who have crossed over.

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What Can I Expect From A Mediumship Reading?

Mediumship can be a beautiful, enlightening, and liberating experience. It can help you realize that we never truly die. We only transform into a higher plane of existence. A session with your departed loved one can be life-changing.

Cassandra prefers not to know anything about who you are trying to contact before she starts. She will begin by describing what she sees about the departed soul, such as their looks, personality or other things. That way you know she is in contact with the soul. There may be things Cassandra sees that makes no sense to her but is perfectly clear to you. Every soul is different, so each session is unique. There is no way of knowing exactly what the soul will communicate, but it will always be a great experience.

A departed soul is not going to tell you what path you should take in life. They may however help you to avoid bad situations, such as accidents. Your loved one is still very much alive and vibrant and can continue to interact with you.

Mediumship is truly one of the most positive experiences you will ever have.

“I had a mediumship reading with Cassandra and I have to say she is worth the wait and the money. She is kind and sincere, and she started telling me stuff about my deceased mom before I even sat down. She described what my mom looked like and told me things she couldn’t possibly know without being gifted. Cassandra is the real deal. Much love and thanx.” -Sheri, MI

Medium sessions are by appointment via telephone.

Many people assume that the only way to get a good medium session is to be in the same room with the medium. That is simply not the case. Time and distance is no obstacle for a true medium. Telephone sessions are just as accurate as face-to-face sessions. “In some cases, telephone sessions are even more accurate, because I don’t have any distractions,” Cassandra says. “The office where I conduct my telephone sessions is very controlled to remove outside noises and interference.”

You must be 18 to participate.

Medium Readings are 1 hour by phone. You have probably seen psychic mediums on television, now is your chance to have a private reading with a true Psychic Medium.

Occasionally, Cassandra will arrange in-office, face-to-face sessions.  Up to 3 more people may attend the same session for an additional $50 per person. (Special Limited Time Price) It is required that each person in the group be related or looking to connect with the same family. Mediumship sessions are 1 hour in length and allows for contacting 1-2 deceased family members.

Cassandra will record your mediumship session for you and make it available as an MP3 download from her website. You will receive an email with instructions and the download link when the recording is ready. Since there is always a possibility of equipment failure, Cassandra cannot guarantee the recording, but she will do her best to supply you with one.

(Mediumship Sessions Also Include A Psychic Reading)

To hold your scheduled time open, full payment will be required within 24 hours of scheduling. Please select a payment option below.

Cassandra has read for hundreds of people worldwide by telephone. Contrary to popular belief, sessions performed via phone are at least as good as face to face sessions. *** Cassandra is currently only available for telephone sessions due to her filming/writing schedule. ***

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