Messages From The Other Side

Messages From The Other Side

messagesothersideSome of the Most Commonly Asked Questions By Clients, and Some of the Most Common Answers From The Soul.

I love talking about the Soul, and I love working with the Soul.  Anything to do with the Soul makes me have a sense of peace, purpose, and just plain bliss.  I feel blessed that this is my job: to work with souls every day, both living and past.  When I am working with the soul, I see beyond the physical form and into the heart of the soul of every client I encounter. We are all souls having a human experience, but sometimes we lose sight of that.  Especially when someone passes away and leaves us grieving, we tend to become mired in that grief and forget that while we are still anchored by the physical world, the person who passed away is now free and unfettered to do as he/she desires.  Grief is such a powerful emotion, and when we lose someone, that grief never fully goes away, it just sort of softens a bit so that we deal with it a little more efficiently as we get back into the flow of our lives.  So, I thought I would write a newsletter to offer some insight and some oft-asked questions from clients and answers from the soul.

Almost all clients want to know that their loved-one is okay.  When we are in a state of grieving, it is hard to believe that while we are suffering gut-wrenching pain and long bouts of sobbing, the soul that passed back into its natural state is happy, healthy, and delighted to be fully in the form of a soul again.  While we are going through a terrible state of grieving, the soul is experiencing what feels like a rebirth, a return home.  It is a happy state of being, which seems counter to our state of mourning.  However, as happy as that soul is to be back in its freer state of being, that same soul will also absorb and experience our emotions at the time.  So, when they visit for a session, they will mirror the emotional state of the client.  They understand what you are feeling.  They understand your grieving process.  They know that it will take a long time for you to come to terms with their passing.  But they do not grieve their own passing, and they are not in a sorrowful state themselves.

To answer the question “Are they okay?”  Yes, they are better than okay.  In fact, they are experiencing a state of euphoria that we do not experience in the physical world.

Do they miss us?  Yes and No.  They miss the tactile experience of us, but literally, they can see us and be with us at will.  So, in that sense, they do not miss us, because they can be with us anytime.

Do they suffer pain?  No.  Souls do not suffer pain.  Only those in a physical state can suffer pain.

One of the first things a soul will say to a physical is “Physical life goes by so quickly.  Do what you love.  Enjoy your life.  Don’t feel guilty about my passing.  You couldn’t have done anything to prevent it.  I am happy where I am.  I want you to be happy.”

If you are unhappy in life, whether in your job, in your marriage, or where you live, the first thing a visiting soul will tell you is to change things, to do what makes you happy.  Our happiness is one of the most important things to them, because happiness is meaningful to the Soul.  We don’t live in happiness often enough.

The following are the most oft-spoken words from a visiting Soul.

“Seek happiness.”
“Don’t be a people-pleaser.  It saps you of joy of life.”
“Don’t get mired in guilt.”  (Remorse over wrong-doing and guilt are two different things.)
“Don’t give up on your dreams.”
“Don’t stop living because I died.”
“Don’t build a shrine to me.  It doesn’t serve a purpose, and it shows me that you are not letting go and moving on, which means you are not living life.”
“Do what you love.”
“Cherish one another.”
“Value your life as much as I do.”

Psychics get asked a lot of questions about how psychic ability works.  It works because none of us are truly disconnected.  I discuss this concept in my book The God Point.  Because we are not disconnected, we “know” one another.  Psychic ability is like a state of being.  In the soul realm, every soul is in touch with every other soul, and every soul knows every other soul.  At will, a soul can tap into any lifetime, any situation, any person, and any time.  Time does not exist in the soul realm, therefore, time is an illusion that can be manipulated at will.  Psychic ability is a state of remembering the true core self and remembering that we are all connected, all one.  So, it’s like projecting consciousness back up into that pure soul-state where all knowledge is available.

But there is a catch to being a psychic living in the physical world, because the client’s soul will only reveal what it is willing to reveal at the time, and no more.  The soul reveals what is necessary, what is good, what needs to be known to keep the client moving in a positive direction.

Another question tends to revolve around the distance between the psychic and the client.  Some people wrongly assume that distance matters.  It doesn’t.  Distance has nothing to do with psychic ability.  Remember that psychic ability is like a returning of awareness to our true state of soul awareness, and souls are not bound by space or time.  Therefore, psychic ability is not bound by space or time.  We can even see this demonstrated in quantum physics, with ‘entangled particles.’  A true psychic can do a reading from thousands of miles away and still be accurate.  In fact, it is sometimes better not to be in the same room with the psychic, because some psychics can focus better without someone staring at them waiting for an answer.

Is psychic ability, or the soul, restricted by distance?   No.

The Soul Knows No Boundaries.

Distance is Not an Obstacle.

In fact, most well known psychics only perform sessions by telephone, and do not do face to face readings at all. I have been blessed with the opportunity to read for clients on virtually every continent, in a staggering number of countries around the world. And I can say without question that the soul is unfettered by many things, including distance. Something I strive to teach to people about their own soul so they can better their lives.  My husband sometimes jokes about this, saying “She could do a reading if the client was on the moon. Distance doesn’t matter.”Well, he’s right. I have no doubt that I could do a reading for a client on the moon. That’s not bragging; it’s just a fact. And any truly gifted psychic should be able to do it as well. So if you’ve ever thought that a psychic needs to be in the same room, or in direct contact with the client for it to work, rest assured they do not.

People assume that doing a psychic or mediumship session is as easy as having a conversation, but that is not the case.  It is difficult for a soul to essentially become denser in order to communicate with a medium, and it takes a tremendous amount of energy for a psychic to focus consciousness into that lighter, higher state so they can receive messages.  Also, souls tend to communicate in images or broken thoughts and emotions rather than being able to have a full “conversation.”  It doesn’t take much to break this intense focus for a psychic.  And that, ironically, is why I have always preferred telephone sessions over face-to-face sessions.  Every expression on a client’s face, the body language, any movements, a sigh, all of it can actually cause the reader’s analytical brain to kick in and hinder a clear channel.

The main thing to know about a psychic reading is that your soul will reveal what YOUR soul wants you to know.  Not what your brain wants you to know.  Information comes from your higher self, and the higher self regulates information.  Your higher self determines what information is good for you to know, and what information is not necessary.  It’s not the psychic making that decision; it’s your higher self making that decision.  It’s the same with a visiting soul.  They will reveal what they NEED to tell you in that mediumship session.  They don’t play games, they take themselves very seriously.  Souls respect other souls, all souls, and souls expect us to respect all souls, as well.  So, always remember to approach any session with a deep respect of the soul performing the session, and a deep respect of the soul coming into a mediumship session, and your own soul.

I wish you wellness and happiness always. – Cassandra Blizzard