Newsletter February 2012

Cassandra Blizzard Newsletter -Believe in Yourself

I’ve been a little remiss when it comes to writing the newsletter, and for that I apologize. Things have been pretty hectic with a busy writing schedule and a full client schedule. My main focus at the moment has been working on the books that go with my upcoming seminar series. It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to write one book, and I have three to write this year, on top of the seminar series. But I promise your wait will be worth it.

It has been a strange winter here in Florida. More appropriately, it seems that winter has skipped us altogether, except for a few, sporadic days when the temperature dipped down below 50 degrees. It is now February, and the pollen count is as high as it can get. Allergies are affecting many of us. And since this is an abnormal time of year for all this to be happening, we will probably get to experience a protracted allergy season. I, for one, am not looking forward to that.

This also happens to be Race Week in Daytona, so getting to my office has not been so easy lately. The traffic is almost as bad as the race track itself, with people speeding around trying to make it to their destinations. My drive is usually only 15 minutes, but for this past week, it has become a pulse pounding, careening, obstacle course as I avoid the moving targets around me. Needless to say, by the time I arrive at my comfy, peaceful office, I am ready for a sit-down in a cool, quiet atmosphere.

One of the things I’ve noticed quite often in my Personal Success sessions is the number of people who truly do not believe in themselves. This primarily affects women. When someone steps into my office, I immediately see their soul and I begin to read their energy. Some of the most beautiful, vibrant people still have that feeling in the back of their mind that they aren’t good enough, or there is some fatal flaw that will prevent them from moving forward in life and being truly happy. Once this paradigm is well-seated, it’s difficult to dislodge. One of the keys to understanding personal success is to learn acceptance. Acceptance of self. It is critical that you love and accept yourself in the moment, right now, whatever you are experiencing and wherever you happen to be. Moving forward in life becomes much easier when you accept yourself as you are. Not the paradigm you have built around your persona, but the real you, the deeper you. The beautiful, capable you. The you who can take on any challenge and succeed.

Achieving goals is not always as easy as one might wish for, but achieving goals is assured when one sets their mind in the right direction with the right intentions and with the correct understanding of self and the soul. Life is a journey for all of us, sometimes beautiful, sometimes challenging, sometimes painful. This mixed bag is what makes us uniquely us and propels us to be more and to experience more of life in all its goodness. Take a moment each day to remind yourself how worthy you are, how beautiful you are, and don’t forget to give a nod of gratitude to your soul.


Stay tuned for news about Cassandra’s upcoming Seminars and Books! Best wishes to everyone.
– Cassandra’s Staff

Cassandra Blizzard is one of the world’s most detailed psychic mediums. She is internationally known for her evidential mediumship skills as well as her psychic abilities, with clients on nearly every continent. She is also an accomplished, award-winning author, with over 37 books to her credit. She has been writing since the age of 15 and has published numerous short stories, articles, and books. In the realm of mediumship, Cassandra is known for her accuracy and compassionate readings. When it comes to her writing career, she is known for her skills in hopping genres. She has written in nearly every genre, including romance, mystery, thriller, science fiction, and mainstream. She has recently added to her list of writing accomplishments with a spiritual non-fiction series, the first of which is titled Seven Years of Surrender. In fiction, she writes page turning novels that keep readers avidly engaged. Cassandra’s non-fiction series promises to be an eye-opening series of revelatory books designed to broaden the reader’s understanding of the soul and the spiritual realm. Cassandra also writes under the names: E.J. Deen and Cassandra Ormand.

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