Newsletter January 2012

Wow, it seems like 2011 just flew by and here we are at the end of January 2012.  I’m feeling pretty good about this New Year, and I hope you are too.  My clients will affirm that I am all about helping people to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, and I plan on making 2012 the best year for my clients.  On top of my hectic client schedule and writing schedule, we are preparing to kick off a seminar series that promises to be powerful stuff.  I talk a lot about living an empowered life, living from the core self, and maintaining your balance.  In this fast-paced, stressful world we live in, living from the core self takes practice and dedication, but the effort to achieve this core self life is worth it because the rewards are unending.

Port Orange Library Speaking EventThis January, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Port Orange Public Library to a wonderful turnout.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and I appreciate the interactions I had.  In my profession, I meet so many people, and I am privileged to say that I have the best clients in the world.  And I always love to meet new people and hear their stories.

I’ve also been getting a lot of feedback on my two newly released books, Seven Years of Surrender and A World Without Color.  I promise to follow these books with some powerful tools for you the reader, as well as some deeply spiritual insights.  Many people don’t know my personal story.  For years, I balked at writing my book Seven Years of Surrender.  Primarily, because I wanted to keep my personal pain just that: personal.  But I realized that others can gain insight and help from my story, so I forged ahead and shared what I went through with the public.  I’ve had a phenomenal flood of conversation about the book and how my story impacts readers.  Thank you all so much for your ongoing support.

I want to talk a bit about my most recently released book a World Without Color.  I’ve been asked why I chose to write a book such as this.  Well, it’s simple.  Most readers understand the premise of the book, but some waiver on why the book is so focused on worldly subjects. Well, quite simply, we are worldly.  We live in this world, we operate in this world, and we are supposed to enjoy our lives here in this physical experience.  However, the book has a core concept that is deeply spiritual, and this core concept is essential for everyone to understand and live by if they want to achieve true happiness and personal power in their own lives.

One of the principles in A World Without Color is that we aren’t here to judge other people.  Likewise, we aren’t here to BE judged.  We are here to experience a full life.  And in order to enjoy the fullest life we possibly can have, we must understand some core principles regarding the soul and how the soul sees the world around us and all of our interactions within the world around us.  If we are too focused on what other people are doing or not doing, we lose a sense of self, and we lose balance in our own life.  My book A World Without Color, followed by Of The Soul, which will be released later in the year, is part of a spiritual series that helps people to understand those core values of the soul.  And how to maintain and enjoy a beautifully balanced life both within the soul experience and within the physical experience.  We tend to forget that we are engaged in a dualistic sort of life, both soul and human being.  When we step outside that framework, life gets a little chaotic and can lead to disappointments or even tragedy.

If you want to be successful, you can’t be focused on what other people are doing.  You have to be focused on what you are doing.  And your soul has to be a part of your life and your experience here.

Many of you reading this newsletter may have already read books like The Laws of Attraction and The Secret.  And many of you understand that sometimes the ideas laid out in these books just don’t seem to work every single time.  Well, there are reasons for that.  Now, I realize that I don’t get much time to read, so I’m not up to speed on what everyone else is doing, but I haven’t heard many people talk about why the idea of the laws of attraction don’t always work.  But I do know that there are ways to understand your life, your destiny, and what it’s all about that will unlock the future for you in beautiful ways.  I’m here to tell you: if your soul doesn’t want you doing something, you will be met with roadblocks, obstacles, and all kinds of situations and circumstances that will prevent you from going down the wrong path in life.  And we all must accept that sometimes what WE want is not what the soul wants for us.  It is so vitally important that the soul is incorporated into our life, so that we live a full life.  A really full, beautiful, joyous life, no matter what is going on around us.

Which brings me to the subject of fear.  Fear is an essential human emotion.  There are many levels to fear.  In one way, fear is a protective measure used to keep us alive.  For example, if we encounter a gunman in a local convenience store, fear will kick in and we might run the other way, thereby preventing us from getting hurt, or worse.  But there is another form of fear that we over-use.  In fact, we have become so linked to this form of fear that we allow it to control our lives on multiple levels.  And this form of fear usually manifests in feelings of anxiety, worry, and fear of the future, fear of not succeeding, fear of disease, fear of the ‘what ifs’ in the world.  This kind of fear holds us back in so many ways.  And it is this kind of fear that I will discuss in upcoming books and seminars in much greater detail.

What would it be like to live without self-doubt and fear of what’s going to happen in the future? 

As we begin this New Year, I would like each and every one of you to evaluate your own feelings of fear.  Take out a journal and write down everything in your life that causes you worry, anxiety, or self-doubt.  Really evaluate how you perceive the future and what the future means to you.  If you are honest with your journal, and you write down everything that causes you worry and anxiety, you may be surprised at just how much worry you actually do have in your life.  After you have written out these things in your journal, I want you to begin to imagine what it would be like to be able to get past all that worry and anxiety.  What would it be like to live without self-doubt and fear of what’s going to happen in the future?  I’ll tell you what it’s like.  It’s amazing.  And I will tell you exactly how you can achieve this in my book series and my seminar series.  You can achieve a lot by allowing your soul to be a part of your life.  And by understanding that your soul wants you to experience freedom of life and to experience joy.  There are subtle shifts in perspective that make life much easier and happier.  You can achieve success and happiness.  Don’t doubt yourself.  Stop fearful thoughts before they take hold and become reality.  Have faith in the future and listen to your soul.

Life is an adventure.

Embrace your soul this year!

Psychic Readings Mediumship Cassandra BlizzardMany Blessing to all of you.  Stay tuned for more from Psychic Medium Cassandra Blizzard.

P. S. Sometimes when I am writing a newsletter my mediumship antennae goes on high alert and I begin to connect with my readers.  Occasionally, I will add a personal message for someone who is out there reading the newsletter.  Right now, I feel that there is a woman with a small boy who is really going through some personal and painful things at the moment.  My heart goes out to you.  But I want you to understand that some things in life we cannot control.  Don’t blame yourself for what is happening.  Learn to accept and surrender to the God Force that is present in all life, and understand that you have done your best in every way.  It is in God’s hands now.  Know that you will be okay.  Know that there is beauty and love on the other side of tragedy and difficult situations.  You are loved and accepted.  Trust that you will know what to do when the time is right.  For now, lay aside the worry and the dread and the anxiety, and just focus on one moment at a time.  Be well and find joy in the little moments.  Don’t push aside moments of happiness because you think you are supposed to be feeling guilty or worried.  Embrace these moments of happiness.  Allow yourself to laugh again.  You will be okay.