One-On-One Guided Chakra And Aura Balancing

There are times in life when we feel like our energy is out of balance, or we are being bombarded by the negativity of the world. We may feel beaten down and may even get to the point where we feel vulnerable and threatened by outside forces. You can change that. You can learn how to recharge the energy centers in your body, specifically the main chakras, and learn how to cleanse and clear them so you can restore balance where your body connects to your soul. In restoring this balance, you will feel re-energized, more positive, and more in control of your life. And you will never again feel like anyone has the power to energetically manipulate you, because you will have learned to shift your own chakras, your aura, and bolster your energetic body so that you are mentally and spiritually in control.

I am occasionally asked to perform protection rituals for negative bombardment. I believe that you are the person who should be in charge of your energetic body as well as your physical body. I teach people to take charge of their own energetic body, rather than giving that responsibility to someone else. You can easily learn how to protect yourself and energize yourself through proper breathing techniques and simple meditation techniques. Once you learn these techniques, you can use them anytime, anywhere. Not only is it easy, but it’s also very relaxing, and can be very energizing.

To some, the idea of working with the energy centers in your body may seem like pseudo-science. But we know that all energy can be measured. We know that thoughts are energy. For several years, science has been measuring the effect of meditation and thoughts on the human body and the environment in which the thoughts are generated. Scientific experiments have shown that energy can be held in a place for much longer periods of time than we ever before imagined. Negative energy has an effect on plants and all living entities. Negative energy has an effect on everything. So, we need to learn to guard ourselves against this and replace negative energy with positive energy.

Chakra clearing and chakra meditations have a positive effect on us mentally, physically, and spiritually. Once you get into the habit of owning your physical self through the use of the energy channels in your body, the ones that connect you to your soul and remind you that you are more than just a physical body, you will always want to incorporate these simple but powerful techniques into your life.

I recommend 3 to 4 sessions anytime within a 3-month span. Each session will target a different area of the energetic body: the main chakras, including the hand chakras, the aura, and your overall energetic body. You can learn how to shift the colors in your chakras for more balance. You can learn how to infuse your aura with a color that offers you more vitality, more focus, or more feelings of serenity. You can learn to empower yourself through the use of these energies and bring more balance between your physical self and your soul self.

Chakra alignment and aura expansion are guided visualization sessions that empower you to be at your energetic best by addressing each concern that you have individually and tailoring your session to your specific needs.  These sessions are intended to ease stress, connect you with your energetic body (your soul) and help you to feel empowered and more in control from the soul outward.  These sessions also help you to embrace your oneness with the universe and all that is, and they help you to realize yourself as part of the fabric of the creator.  Get rid of emotional blocks, past hurts, future fears, negative influences.  Ease the burden of feeling like too much negativity has built up in your life.  Learn to relax, release, and be at one with self and the universe.  Or just use the session to learn how to balance your chakras, boost your aura, protect your energetic body, and connect yourself with the oneness.

One-On-One Guided Chakra And Aura Balancing
1-hour session is $150.

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