Past Life

Past Life Sessions can be informative and at the very least interesting. Many of you have already heard about Past Life Regression through hypnosis. Cassandra does not use hypnosis, instead she uses her psychic ability to make contact with the client’s Higher Self. It’s like having a conversation from soul to soul, only the language is different in that symbols, images, words, and thoughts are used instead of just spoken language. Cassandra can access a client’s past lives through this conversation with their Higher Self.

Since it takes a tremendous amount of physical energy and concentration to do a past life reading, no office visit or phone conversation is used. Cassandra performs the reading in seclusion and makes a voice recording of the actual session. The recording will be made available as an MP3 download. The client will be notified of this MP3 availability via email.

Every past life is different. Some past lives that are revealed in-session will be brief, with few details, while other past life moments will be very detailed and vivid. Although most of us never experience fame in a past life, your past lives will be diverse and interesting. Don’t expect to be Cleopatra or the Queen of Scotland. Not everyone can be these people in a past life. Do, however, expect to have a varied outcome with many lives switching from male to female. Most sessions reveal three to six lives. Oftentimes clear dates and names are not revealed. These are not as important to the soul as the experience itself.

“So interesting! After listening to my Past Life taped session from Cassandra, I felt different somehow, lighter, free. I really felt connected to my soul and realized that we don’t die. It’s so amazing.”

-Karen, SD

Cassandra oftentimes sees details like the weave in the material of clothing and feels sensations like the breeze on her skin. “The detail is amazing at times. Words are inadequate to express these experiences.” she says.

If you have been curious about past lives, now you can get a past life reading from home. Cassandra only needs the information in the form below to tune into your past life experiences. A voice recording of the session is made available as an MP3 download and the information is emailed to you.

Price $175


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