The Basics of Tarot


Learn how to become more spiritually aware by using the tarot. Renowned Psychic Medium Cassandra Blizzard offers a reference guide designed to enhance the understanding of tarot symbolism and how tarot cards can open the mind to inner wisdom. This basic guideline gives beginners a starting point that allows the novice tarot reader to use their own instincts as well as the traditional meanings of the tarot deck. The Basics of Tarot invites the beginner to participate in the learning process by developing these insights and skills on their own. Once you know how to interpret the timeless symbols of the tarot, reading the cards becomes easy. You don’t have to know the deep esoteric meaning of each symbol on every card to learn how to intuitively read the cards. A basic guide kick-starts the intuitive process and develops slowly over time. Cassandra Blizzard is known worldwide for her skills as a medium and a psychic.