Psychic Readings In New Jersey

I am internationally known Psychic Medium, Cassandra Blizzard. I perform Psychic Readings and Medium Sessions by phone, email or office visit. I have clients on nearly every continent and am known for accurate and detailed readings. I have been helping people with my psychic ability since my teens, and my skills as a medium have helped people worldwide connect with loved ones who have crossed over. I am also an accomplished author. Currently, I am working on an in depth book series on my life and the deeper spiritual side of my profession. My greatest desire is to empower my clients to live a happy, well balanced, successful life, and to show my clients that the soul lives on. I have many clients from New Jersey that see me at my office when they are down in Florida, or make phone appointments. Here are the services I preform and some of the options of how you can get a reading with me if you live in NJ.


Psychic Readings (Learn More)

A Personal Psychic Reading is where the client has a question about relationship, finances, work or other issues. I reveal what I see and offer guidance and validation in the uncertainty that we sometimes face in our lives. Psychic Readings are $60 USD for 30 minutes or $100 USD for an hour or $3 a minute for instant readings.

MediumShip (Learn More)

Mediumship is connecting you with departed loved ones. Being a psychic medium, or spirit messenger, is something I takes very seriously. I operate with the utmost integrity, and strive to be the best for my clients. My goal is to help people, not only to connect them with someone in the hereafter, but also to help my clients understand the role of their own soul in their life on earth, as well as the scope of the soul in the hereafter. Getting a mediumship reading can bring an amazing sense of peace to the client. Mediumship Readings are $200 USD for an hour.

Empowerment Coaching (Learn More)

Wouldn’t you like to feel better about your life?  Empowerment is just a choice away.  Sometimes we make major changes in life just by taking one, small step, or making one, simple decision.  But those decisions are not always easy to make.  We tend to cater to other people’s whim, or we are afraid of hurting someone’s feelings.  Afraid to take a risk, to step out of that dead-end job and aim for something higher.  Afraid to make a decision to get out of a bad relationship.  Afraid, fearful, anxious.  Too often, these are the emotions that rule our lives and make our decisions for us.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can empower yourself to be more in control of your life, to be more centered, to make more positive decisions for self, and to understand how the soul works in your life to bring you to a better place, always.  Whether in business, relationship, or just within yourself, you can learn how to take control and be a much more balanced, much happier person.

How To Get A Reading

You can get a Psychic reading by:

Phone (If you’re in New Jersey, you will be given the number to call at your scheduled appointment time.) Learn More

Instant Phone Reading (When I am available, you can get a reading immediately. ) See more here

Email Reading (Fill out a form and I will send you the reading all typed out for you.) Learn More

You can get a Mediumship reading by:

Phone (If you’re in New Jersey, you will be given the number to call at your scheduled appointment time.) Learn More

To Schedule call (386) 523-7265



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