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This is not a story about how I became psychic. I was born psychic. The truth is, there is no learned technique to what I do. Being psychic is simply a part of me, as natural as breathing. No, this book is not about learning a thing. Rather, this is a book about awakening, new awareness, and new understanding. It's a tragedy that unfolded into an epiphany that I've since lived by with more conviction than I ever had previously. A conviction that I stand by to this day, and will until the day I go into the beyond.

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Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions By Clients, and Some of the Most Common Answers From The Soul. I love talking about the Soul, and I love working with the Soul.  Anything to do with the Soul makes me …

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Don't feed negativity.  Let it go, and you will flourish.

“Don’t feed negativity. Let it go, and you will flourish.”

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