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Here’s What People Had To Say About Cassandra

Constantly Amazed

I have spoken to Cassandra a number of times and am constantly amazed at how accurate and detailed the readings are. It is like I am speaking with a friend, getting into the details of my life. No matter how simple or complex your questions are Cassandra is able to shed light on any situation and help you re-direct your life path, if needed. 🙂 Thanks Cassandra.

-Emma, Canada

Blew Me Away!

On 8/3/19 I had a reading with Cassandra and it was beyond amazing. She told me so many details about me and people all round that blew me away! She was able to provide me with clear path. Thank you for your time Cassandra. I plan to stay in touch on regular basis to ensure I’m not going off the road.


Lots of family validation.

Very recently I had a Mediumship reading. The reading was dominated by Dad, not unexpected. In her strong, quiet way my Mother came through near the end. My Dad’s portion was emotional and related things I knew or suspected. Lots of family validation. But there were three very specific things that validated the entire reading for me. The words “brain lesions”. I have Multiple Sclerosis. My Dad did not know that before he passed. Brain Lesions/scars disrupt the nerve transmissions and impact people differently. In my case it impacts my walking ability. There was a question “Have you stopped driving?” Eight days before the reading I had great difficulty moving my foot from the accelerator to the brake. Very dangerous. I had quit driving. The word “butterfly” was mentioned. I had no frame of reference for it. The next day I was getting a steroid infusion for my MS. He nurse tried the right arm but the vein rolled and the needle did not go in properly. She moved to the left arm with a thinner needle. This worked. She called the needle a “butterfly”. WOW. When I do my next Mediumship, maybe Dad will step back and allow others to briefly appear. Dad, I got your messages.

-Mike Stevenson, Ormond Bach, FL.

You Will Never Know How Much You Have Helped Me.

My wonderful wife died 6 months ago and I was having a very difficult time dealing with the loss of her. I decided to have a mediumship reading with Cassandra and since that experience, I have a new outlook on my life. My session lasted over an hour and during that time, I was constantly amazed by the accuracy of what Cassandra was telling me. My wife came through to me with information that could only be described as total confirmation that my wife is in the spirit world. This information was not in generalities, it was smack on. Cassandra told me things that only my wife and I knew. You can’t explain that other than to say my wife was furnishing the information and passing it on to Cassandra. Do yourself a favor and purchase the recording, it is invaluable. Thank you Cassandra for you will never know how much you have helped me.


A Life Changing Experience.

I had read Cassandra’s book The God Point twice before coming to her office for a mediumship session. I am not a religious person and do not believe in a God looking out for me or judging me. But I have always felt that there is something more besides the physical body, another layer of existence where our energy is – a great ONE where our energy goes. I had considered going to see Cassandra several times but always pulled back before actually making the call. I had never been to a medium before and I was hesitant. It was reading The God Point that pushed me past my hesitancy because it dovetailed with many of my vague, undeveloped feelings about other layers of being. I wanted to validate the continued existence of both my parents. Before my session with Cassandra I had always envisioned the energy of those departed from this life as generic, without specific characteristics. Although the idea of my parents’ energy going somewhere was intellectually compelling it was not emotionally compelling because I assumed their essence simply returned to my concept of the ONE and that any real connection with me was lost. In Cassandra’s office on November 7, 2012 I found out that this is not the case. I was blown away by the information imparted to me from my parents as well as other family members who have died. The specificity of what was communicated to me during my session left me feeling completed in a way I had never been before. To know that this physical life is truly but a part of me is liberating. To understand with certainty that those who have died are still with me is priceless. My session with Cassandra was truly a life changing experience.


Opened My Eyes!

“I don’t know how or why, but getting a Past Life reading from Cassandra opened my eyes… my spiritual eyes I guess you could say. I started seeing the world around me in a totally different way. It’s weird. But good!”

-Nikki, NY

She Freakin’ Blew Me Away!

“I had a reading with Cassandra last week, and I could not wait to post a comment about her. She freakin’ blew me away. I was in shock when this total stranger started describing my boyfriend and even told me his name. It’s wild and Crazy! She is so good I would never go to anyone else.”

-Marta, FL

It’s So Amazing!

“So interesting! After listening to my Past Life taped session from Cassandra, I felt different somehow, lighter, free. I really felt connected to my soul and realized that we don’t die. It’s so amazing.”

-Karen, SD


“I’ve been going to Cassandra for years. I’ve kept all my notes from each reading, and I am always happily astonished at how accurate they are. Cassandra’s readings have proven to be far, far better and more informative than any session I’ve had with other readers. For me, the wow factor really comes into play here. I’m just amazed at Cassandra’s talent for accuracy. WOW!”

-Sheila, FL

I Will Definitely Return!

“Cassandra’s reading is by far the most complete and thorough reading that I have ever received. Very detailed, unlike so many other sites. Exceptional value for the price. Thanks, Cassandra. I will definitely return.”

-DeAnna, FL

Cassandra Is The Real Deal!

“I had a mediumship reading with Cassandra and I have to say she is worth the wait and the money. She is kind and sincere, and she started telling me stuff about my deceased mom before I even sat down. She described what my mom looked like and told me things she couldn’t possibly know without being gifted. Cassandra is the real deal. Much love and thanx.”

-Sheri, MI

I Will Always Be Grateful!

“I can’t thank Cassandra enough for the time she took with me during my mediumship session with her. I was really depressed when my husband passed away. For two years I was a wreck. I developed anxiety and had panic attacks. I missed him so much. When a friend told me about Cassandra, I was not exactly in a hurry to go see her. I just didn’t believe. But in ten minutes of being in session with Cassandra, I changed my mind. Thank God I decided to take my friend’s advice and go. Cassandra proved to me that the spirit lives on. My husband had a message for me, and Cassandra was able to deliver that message. I will always be grateful. Just knowing that my husband is around me and aware of my present life changed me. I still miss him, but my fears and anxieties are pretty much gone. Thank you so much.”

-Dottie, CT

Just Amazed

This is just my own little testimonial. I am just amazed everyday by what you do! I have seen a client come in and you start saying things like “You have a special needs child?” and the client, looking quite amazed answering “Yes I do!” I have seen you run into someone in the hallway wanting to make an appointment to connect with their grandma and you saying “Yeah, she’s around you. She is showing me crocheting. I see a crocheted throw.” And the client putting their hand over their mouth and saying “Oh, my god! She taught me to crochet and that is what I made, a throw!” I have seen you know things about a person from the past when I secretly write their name on a folded up piece of paper. Sometimes it’s a person that I am not even sure how to spell their name and few people know very much about them. I can’t verify most of the information you give me until I do some serious research the next day. Then of course, I find you were right! I can watch TV and say that the psychic on the show had looked up information about the person prior to the reading. Being around you though, I know that people DO have the ability to “see” things without any prior knowledge about the client. I also know that you are not just reading my mind (which would be amazing enough.) You really are “seeing” things and connecting with people crossed over. It’s amazing and actually comforting. So from this “behind the scenes” look I have I come to this only logical, scientific conclusion. As I like to quote, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle put it well when he wrote in Sherlock Holmes, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

-Don (Cassandra’s Husband)

Cass has done more for me in 60 minutes then years of going to a psychiatrist.

“I had a mediumship session with Cass on the phone.  I live in Europe.

I truly missed Mom and had some real problems with her growing up as she was often unkind to me.  Cassandra told me much about my Mom and I realized how insecure she was and how she came about making some very poor choices due to her emotional needs. She told me all about Mom’s passions which were very true and how she sent me a little brown bird as a sign of her presence and I’d taken a picture of it just that very day.  She said my mother had been with me that day and I asked her where I’d been and she described what my Mother had shown her which a lake was.

I was made aware that Mom didn’t value her poor choices she made anymore as she finally saw her former husband as he is and she was very sad which Cass picked up on. I felt the same feeling when I was with Mom at the hospital and she was in a coma. Mom was sad and things didn’t improve for her as my step dad continued to think only of himself.  Cass told me how my mother was so afraid that she’d be abandoned by her husband and left destitute during her life and this I’ve always known as she sacrificed everything for him including me.

I still love my mother and Cass told me how Mom tried to talk to me in the hospital and ask for my forgiveness.  I didn’t think that was possible knowing Mom until she told me that Mom was showing her a religious catholic medal with two other medals.  I couldn’t bring myself to wear them as one I’d given Mom as a present years ago and I was so disappointed that she never showed me the love and respect that she showed my stepdad that I couldn’t bring myself to wear them.

Cass told me how Mom really sees me and how to show forgiveness to Mom.

I’m working on that and I have felt Mom’s presence in the car when I was driving and in the kitchen but without knowing that Cass told me Mom is with me often in those moments.

I’m now wearing the medal I gave Mom and I’m glad where finally united again even if in death.

Cass said unsolicited that she felt I would heal in time and now each day is a new beginning and I can finally close the last chapter of my past and work toward a better and brighter future.

Cass has done more for me in 60 minutes then years of going to a psychiatrist.

Thanks Cassandra”

– Michelle,  Europe

“So Glad I Found You”

I listened to my Past Life session with Cassandra and I was completely amazed!!!! Listening, I felt so connected to those past lives… I found myself nodding ‘yes’ and laughing at times because it just made so much sense to me. It also makes me think about my soul theme and why I chose those experiences and my experiences in this life. That’s really interesting and fun to do. I’ve also had a few psychic readings done by Cassandra and I was completely floored each and every time. It amazed me to see that she was able to tap into exactly what was going on and what is to come! And was able to put me at ease with those readings… again, amazing! One day I was searching the web on psychics not really expecting to do anything with it but I was pulled to Cassandra’s web site and I was so glad I was! I have had pretty good readings with others before but none compared to the clarity I got with Cassandra. I have never met Cassandra in person and I can say with all honesty, I have never had such clear and detailed readings as Cassandra is able to do in whatever form and Cassandra emits such a gentle and kind tone with a touch of humor and just makes me feel like she is such a beautiful soul herself!!! This client is not going away Cassandra!!!! Until next time … THANKS!!!!!!

Sylvia, Ont. Can.

“When my son was murdered five years ago, I was totally devastated. My life stopped when my son died. He was just 22 years old. I missed him so much that I couldn’t function. I quit my job, had no relationship with my daughter, and nearly ended up divorced. After about eight months of grieving, I went on a quest to find a way to reconnect with my son. I had to know beyond a doubt that he was still alive out there somewhere. I have traveled all over the country and been to three famous mediums. Not including traveling expenses, I spent $2600.00. Yes, you read that right. Thousands of dollars later, my husband was ready to walk out on me. It was a wake-up call for me. But I still needed to hear from my son. I spent $1200 on one session with George Anderson. I wish I would have found Cassandra first. But I guess I thought the famous mediums were the only real ones. I traveled from California to Florida to meet her in person. After meeting with some of the big names, I expected someone very different than what I got. Cassandra is a very humble, soft-spoken, caring woman. And she was better than the three famous mediums I’d been to. She went deeper somehow. I can’t explain it, but she just went deeper. She touched me in a very real way and let me know that my son was okay, that he was happy, and that I could move on with my life. I felt like my son was right there in the room with us. It was an amazing experience. In a way, Cassandra saved my marriage. I stopped seeking my son and realized that he was right there with me and had been all along. I plan on having another session with her, just to have the privilege of communicating with my son again. You don’t need a famous medium to communicate with someone you’ve lost. You only need a good one. And in my opinion Cassandra is the best. She gave me the will to move on with my life. I’m working again, I’ve restored my relationship with my daughter, and my marriage is going strong. We all miss Geoff, and we always will, but we know now that he is just as alive as we are.” Cheryl, CA

“I went to Cassandra for a reading after a friend told me about her. I’ve been to a few psychics before, in (Name of town omitted for privacy reasons.) My experience wasn’t that good. No one there ever really told me anything that was true. First, Cassandra was less expensive than the other people I’d been to. Second, she described my son within seconds of me sitting down. Not just his age and physical appearance, but his personality too. She told me that this is the random stuff she gets during the beginning of a session, and that it is there to confirm to the client that she is a legitimate medium. After having been to other “psychics” I was skeptical. No…I was more than skeptical. I was determined that I was going to prove to myself that this psychic stuff was crap. Boy was I wrong. Cassandra told me that I was about to get a promotion at my current place of employment. I didn’t believe her. I was worried about losing my job. Getting promoted hadn’t occurred to me. At that point I thought, “I don’t care if she did just describe my son, she’s full of it.” I even told her, “No, there’s no way that will happen. There’s nowhere for me to go in the department I’m in.” Almost two months later I had to eat those words. I was offered a promotion that moved me to another department where I work. I had to go through some training, but it was worth it. It increased my paycheck and put me in a less stressful position. My reading with Cassandra was 45 minutes. In that time, she described my son, my ex-husband, told me that my deceased grandfather was around me, gave me evidence that she was actually seeing my deceased grandfather, told me about the job promotion, and much, much more. After having been to some other people who were not so good, I was shocked. I went in with a bad attitude and left a total believer. Thank you, Cassandra. You changed my life.” Ellen, FL