Preparing For A Mediumship Session

Please take a moment to read the following as it contains information you need to know about your session.

Cassandra works with family members. For office appointments, please bring an object that belonged to the family members you wish to contact.  Small items such as jewelry or a watch, something worn often, works best. But a photo or a favorite keepsake will also suffice. The photo must be kept in an unmarked envelope so that Cassandra does not see a name or an image related to the soul being contacted. This is part of the session protocol. Bringing an item can be helpful, but Cassandra also does readings by phone without it, so it is not absolutely necessary. (Please do not bring the cell phone belonging to the person you are trying to contact.)

Cassandra applies high standards to herself and her abilities. For this reason, we outline the session protocol for every client prior to a session. Cassandra and her assistants work hard to prevent any suggestive remarks causing “interference” with her ability to connect to the Otherworld. She wants a pure reading, straight from the soul’s heart, not only for her client, but also for herself. Appointments for each session will be taken by Cassandra’s assistant. We only ask for the client’s first name and a telephone number to contact the client to confirm the appointment time.

Cassandra will at times ask if what she is saying makes sense to the client. The client is welcome to confirm what Cassandra is saying, but please keep remarks to a minimum, and if you are in a group of people, please refrain from discussing each remark amongst yourselves, as this will slow the process and make it much harder for Cassandra. When clients start talking amongst themselves, it pulls Cassandra out of that high vibrational focus and she must then work to regain that focus.  Please do not sit and discuss amongst yourselves during the session. You will have plenty of time to discuss it with relatives after you have left the office. If Cassandra describes something that the client has no knowledge of, the client is invited to write this information down, since another family member may be able to confirm the information for them.

It is very important that the client understand that the soul they are trying to contact will not and does not dictate the client’s life to them. In a medium session, Cassandra does not allow a litany of questions aimed at the departed loved one. The soul being contacted will say what they want to say, and Cassandra cannot make them answer questions. Sometimes clients will assume that their deceased father will help them make life decisions or tell them what to do. This is not so. The departed souls do not interfere in the lives of the clients. Each of us must go through our own journey, just as the departed soul had to go through their own journey. Cassandra is the conduit that gives the soul a voice. But a soul is just like the living. They have their own free will.

Recording: We do not allow cameras or camcorders during sessions. Cassandra records your mediumship session for you and make it available as an MP3 download from her website. You will receive an email with instructions and the download link when the recording is ready.  Please remember to turn off all cell phones. Do not place them on vibrate. Turn them off completely. We recommend that clients take copious notes in case there is a recording malfuction.

Sometimes, Cassandra will shield herself from bright light during a session. This dimmed lighting helps her to maintain her rate of vibration as she focuses away from the outer world.

Cassandra has many people waiting for an appointment. When you schedule an appointment, in order to hold that appointment, you must prepay the full amount online, on the day that you call. Or if you elect to pay cash at the office, you must prepay a $50, non-refundable deposit in order to hold your appointment. Upon arrival at your appointment, the remaining payment is received prior to the reading. We only accept cash at the office. If you do not show up for your appointment, your payment is not refunded.

Most mediums do not guarantee their sessions.  When you schedule a session, you are paying for a block of time.  We cannot guarantee that your loved one will say the exact phrase that you want them to say.  The soul will come in and talk about what is important to them at the time.  Cassandra cannot make them say things that a client wants to hear.  Being a spiritual conduit takes a massive amount of energy, and a lot of energy is used to perform a mediumship session.  Please respect Cassandra’s efforts by remaining open minded and open to whatever your loved one wants you to hear at the time.  As explained previously, a medium is dependent on the soul wanting to come in. No one can control the spirit world. By that we mean that Cassandra cannot guarantee that a specific aunt or father or child will pop in. Questions directed at the departed loved one generally causes a matrix effect, or suggestive effect that causes the analytical brain to kick in, which degrades the session. For this reason, most mediums do not allow questions that are directed at the departed loved one. Souls will come closer to deliver words they feel is important to deliver at the time, and these words may not come from the people you expect. That is not to say that you won’t hear from that specific person you want to hear from, simply that there is no guarantee. To date, Cassandra has never had a session where no one appeared, and she has always been able to make a connection to the person being contacted. Check your expectations at the door and open yourself to the possibilities. A session with a medium can be a rewarding, enlightening, and wonderful experience.  The best way to have a great session is to come with an open mind and a relaxed attitude.