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Woman Has Interesting Visitors In Newly Opened Office

Daytona Beach, FL – Noted psychic medium and author Cassandra Blizzard sees ghosts in her office on Beach Street in downtown Daytona Beach. Not only does she see these “souls” as she refers to them, but she has conversations with them. At the request of the departed soul’s family, Cassandra regularly communicates with those who have crossed over.

Cassandra is a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient medium. This means that she has the ability to see, sense, and hear those who have crossed over into spirit. Cassandra Blizzard likes to help grieving family members feel more at peace. “Showing someone that their loved ones are still very much alive and still very much interested and involved in the lives of those still on earth is the greatest thing I can give. Helping people see that the soul lives on brings them a sense of peace that is unsurpassed, and that is the best reward I could have.” In fact, mediumship has been an effective adjunct with grief therapy.

Being a psychic medium, or spirit messenger, is something Cassandra takes very seriously. “I operate with the utmost integrity and strive to be the best for my clients.” Her goal is to help people, not only to connect them with someone in the hereafter, but also to help her clients understand the role of their own soul in their life on earth, as well as the scope of the soul in the hereafter. Sometimes people may have questions about the circumstances surrounding a family member’s passing. Cassandra has been able to help bring closure to those families during that difficult time.

Psychic mediums are very popular these days with television shows from celebrities like John Edwards, Lisa Williams, Allison DuBois and others bringing mediumship into the mainstream. “People really are fascinated by the thought of an afterlife. Being married to a psychic medium, I am reminded every day that there is something beyond this physical body, and at my age that’s reassuring,” says Cassandra’s husband Don.

Ms Blizzard also regularly performs personal psychic readings for clients. She receives questions from people about finances, romance, work and many other common concerns. She offers guidance and validation in the uncertainty that people sometimes face in their lives. Interestingly she can also delve into a person’s past lives. This is usually referred to as past life regression, but Cassandra performs this without hypnosis.

Cassandra Blizzard is a noted psychic medium, author, reiki master and entrepreneur. Her office is located at 140 S. Beach St. suite 303 Daytona Beach, FL 32114. Her website is