Psychic Reading By Email

Email Psychic Readings Are For The Convenience of Clients Living Outside the United States. If you live within the United States, Cassandra prefers that you select a telephone reading, as it offers more feedback opportunity.

A Personal Reading is where the client has a question about relationship, finances, work or other issues. Cassandra reveals what she sees and offers guidance and validation in the uncertainty we sometimes face in our lives.

Cassandra often astonishes her clients with what she sees:

β€œI had a reading with Cassandra last week, and I could not wait to post a comment about her. She freakin’ blew me away. I was in shock when this total stranger started describing my boyfriend and even told me his name. It’s wild and Crazy! She is so good I would never go to anyone else.”Marta, FL

Readings are delivered to the client by Email. You must be 18 to get a reading. Due to world-wide demand, please allow 2-7 days to receive your reading by email.

*Personal email readings do not include contacting the departed (mediumship).

One Question Email Reading. $60 (1-2 Page Reading Report)

Single Question Psychic Readings by Email are the equivalent of a twenty minute session with Cassandra. These email sessions are centered around one detailed question that is focused in a specific area of your life. (Relationship, career, business etc.)

Type of question NOT to ask: “What is in my future?” (πŸ‘ŽπŸ» Bad Question )

An example of a specific question would be something like: “I am thinking about making a job change. Is this a good time for me to do that?” (πŸ‘πŸ» Good Question )

Another example of a specific question would be something like: “I Want to own a business of my own. I have two ideas. (Explain in detail.) Which business has the best resonance and best chance of success for me?” (πŸ‘πŸ» Good Question )

If you want an open reading, please pay for the Open Email Reading or try a 45 Minute Telephone Psychic Reading instead.

Open Psychic Reading by Email. $100

An Open Email Reading is for when you do not have a specific question.

$60.00$100.00 Select options