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Psychic Medium Session

Reconnect With Deceased Family Members Have you ever wondered if there is life beyond this existence? Would you like confirmation that a departed loved one is still with you? Would you feel better knowing your loved ones are at peace?

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Empowerment Coaching


Wouldn’t you like to feel better about your life?  Empowerment is just a choice away.  Sometimes we make major changes in life just by taking one, small step, or making one, simple decision.  But those decisions are not always easy

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Preparing For A Mediumship Session

Please take a moment to read the following as it contains information you need to know about your session. Cassandra works with family members. For office appointments, please bring an object that belonged to the family members you wish to

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Submit Your Own Testimonial Here. If you would like to submit your own testimonial, we would be happy to include it on Cassandra’s website.  Just use the Contact Form to send us your testimonial, give us permission to use your

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Past Life

Past Life Sessions can be informative and at the very least interesting. Many of you have already heard about Past Life Regression through hypnosis. Cassandra does not use hypnosis, instead she uses her psychic ability to make contact with the

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Psychic Readings

About Psychic Medium Cassandra Blizzard Cassandra Blizzard is a psychic medium, empowerment coach, author, and lecturer. She is highly regarded around the world for her remarkable ability to give clear and accurate readings of the future and communicate with souls of

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